Stand with 100 Roses in Red and Yellow

Delightful as well as romantic, encouraging as well as helpful is 100 roses stand arrangement. Same as flowers blooms by the grace of sun, your sacrifice may give rise to something precious. Like a rainfall touching the desert let this big stand have big impact on receiver. Everyone including the bystander will be happy seeing stylish 2 level roses in 4 feet height. It may be the most appropriate present on a wedding ceremony happening at a hotel in Dubai.

Gift that something big in size

100 roses stand

Big stand with 100 yellow and red roses

What is the right gift on wedding or some other celebration? Answer may be flowers. But then what should be the size? What should be the color? Let us ask, how much is that you are planning to spend? Should it be of something big in size, or tall and noticeable? Well, look at the big 100 roses stand from the flower shop in Dubai to grab all the attention. It consists of a top level with about 50 red and yellow roses and same way a lower level. Metal stand with water sponge holds the roses firm with excellent display.

Making of 100 roses stand takes about 1 hour for a florist with several years of experience. Cutting in right size, arranging with a proper design and giving final shape to the gift is a skill achieved by idea and imagination. When it is inspiration that makes a perfect florist, experience sharpens it further towards professionalism. We can change the color of roses as per the requirement of customer, as per the occasion. Wedding, opening ceremonies or other events requires tall and beautiful flower stands and this one is one of the best, we can say.

Delivering 100 roses stand to the location or delivery address is another task that needs care, and diligence. To make it available on time with guarantee of keeping it straight without falling calls for someone with dedication. White ribbon wrapping on metal stand makes it match to red and yellow roses. Ribbon bow in mix or a specific color also will be much suitable to this huge present. First thing to remember,  try to order at least one day in advance to enable the flower shop in Dubai or keep everything ready. Hurry is an element that spoils perfection in artful arrangements and services by all means. Help us to serve better with best quality roses and careful working. Contact us on 00971504236374 or email to to order and also see here similar flower stand arrangements suitable for wedding and other events.

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