101 Mixed Feelings in Colors

AED : 734

Brighten the day of a dear friend , colleague or family by sending across the most vibrant collection of premium color roses. This brilliant mix of 101 roses of multiple hues is one of our masterpieces crafted by our efficient florists.

Huge basket of 101 mix roses

Set heart aflutter or simply establish yourself as a man of multiple tastes by sending 101 mixed roses in different colors. Whatever be the intention this is one gift that will set you apart on any occasion. Order conveniently at our flower shop and be ensured of a smooth delivery process. Gifting can never get better than this with huge basket of 101 mixed roses. It represents the fullness of life that is blessed in different colors. One who receives it will clasp it with excitement of finding a great treasure. Transience of these beautiful creations being cut off from their root is sure, but will surely spread some happiness during life.

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