Cherished Moments

AED : 723

  • More than 100 roses blooms by mix of white roses + pink spray roses
  • ( 50 white roses + 20 stems of spray roses with multiple blooms to make more than 100 blooms)
  • Suitable wrapping in off-white or light pink color

Share Happy Moments by Sending Flowers

Make someone happy by sending a big bouquet containing pink white roses. In order to attain and maintain happiness we need to work hard on both internal and external aspects of our life. Opposite of happiness, the sufferings come of its own with no efforts. It is not only by having material possessions that we get happy. Recognition, approval, togetherness, sharing and caring are all factors that contribute to happiness. Flowers are always beyond their price value to celebrate the cherished moments. We will help you deliver them on any occasion.

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