Snow in Sun

AED : 734

Snow in Sun is 101 yellow white roses arranged as huge a basket in glorious style adding steel grass decoration. Free delivery is offered on this big arrangement of roses suitable for get well soon, wedding or best wishes. Greeting card with this will bear your message that is printed and pasted.

A huge basket made of 101 yellow white roses

Real love exists always in a combination of happiness and sorrows shared with each other. A perfect blend of 101 yellow white roses brought about in big size by is helping to always send the best. Are we leaving back the happiness while running to attain something? We are busy achieving things that may bring happiness and fail to enjoy the happiness itself. If we look for happiness in any event as a destiny we can never reach there. Remember, in life happiness and sorrow are part of the journey. This huge basket is made of 101 yellow-white roses. And it will be used by many people on the occasions of happiness as well as sorrow.

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