Patchi Chocolates

AED : 235

Note: This is only an additional item to be delivered along with flowers.


  • Classic Patchi chocolates of 500 grams
  • Fabulous box design wrapped with matching ribbon and gift bag
  • No extra delivery charge
  • Available all 7 days a week
  • This can be added to any flower arrangement as an additional gift.

Patchi Chocolates Delivery in Dubai with Flowers

Patchi Chocolates is a popular indulgence among locals and tourists alike. With a wide variety of flavors and brands available, chocolate lovers can explore the rich and decadent offerings that Dubai has to offer. Additionally, many chocolate shops in Dubai also showcase unique and artistic chocolate. It includes sculptures, making the experience of buying chocolates a visual delight as well. Order the branded chocolates through

Top chocolate brands in Dubai like Patchi Chocolates

include  Patchi, Godiva, Ferrero, and Lindt. These brands are known for their high-quality ingredients and exquisite flavors. Additionally, Dubai also offers a wide range of local chocolate brands that showcase unique Middle Eastern flavors such as saffron and dates.

Dark chocolate and white chocolate are two popular types of chocolate that have distinct flavors and characteristics. Dark chocolate, known for its rich and intense flavor, while white chocolate has a creamy and sweet taste. Both chocolates can be enjoyed on their own or used in various desserts and confections.

Dates Chocolates, and brands

Date chocolates are a delicious and unique treat that combines the natural sweetness of dates with the rich flavor of chocolate. Some popular brands that offer date chocolates include Lindt, Godiva, Patchi Chocolates and Ghirardelli. These brands use high-quality ingredients to create decadent chocolates that perfectly complement the natural sweetness of dates. Whether you're looking for a sweet indulgence or a thoughtful gift, dates are the perfect choice.