51 Red Roses Heart Shape Basket

AED : 609

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This gorgeous arrangement of 51 red roses with the shape of heart is gorgeous and enough to leave any woman speechless. This gift is meant to assure the lady that when it comes to winning her over, there is nothing you will stop at. Cycus leaves are used at 2 sides to get perfect shape of heart. Roses are closely arranged in a basket with watered sponge. Ribbon bow is added to make it a even better and attractive gift.

Heart Shape Basket Arrangement

If you are a person who is known for going all the way to get what you want then 51 red roses heart shaped baskets is the perfect gift which will make your efforts a little easy. Send this to the lady who refuses to acknowledge your attention and see how she unwittingly starts accepting your company. Women love attention and with this gift you are showering oodles of it on them. Heart is the source of love and kindness. Let it be with this 51 red roses heart shaped basket that you talk today to the sweetheart.

Want to make it different?

This heart arrangement can also be made with pink or white colors as per requirement. Even a mix of different colors can be used if enough time is also allowed. Would you like to make a heart shaped flower arrangement using 100 roses? Call us to discuss if the requirement is different from the listed one. Perfect shape is achieved by the experience of our florist who always cares about your needs. Sometimes he would have to use more flowers than specified to make it. If it is the same 51 red roses heart shaped basket that you would be happy with, just order it online.

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