Made for Each Other

AED : 550

4 feet stand in combination of red and white premium flowers such as roses, oriental lilies and gladiola, 40 blooms is huge wedding present to the newly married couple in Dubai. Creative florist makes this by the final touch of satin ribbon to make it even more attractive when delivered.

Made for Each Other Red White Flowers Stand

4 feet red white flowers stand in combination of roses, oriental lilies and gladiolus, 40 blooms is a huge wedding present to a newly married couple in Dubai. Creative florists make this by the final touch of satin ribbon to make it even more attractive when delivered. When a wedding unites 2 people, this two color flower arrangement stands tall to witness the function. Accepting the invitation, this brilliant creation of nature ensures its presence to bless the couple. Two people from different backgrounds get along by this sacred function. Love and harmony are essential requirements of a successful married life. Let it start with a nice gesture of a red white flower stand to decorate the venue. Same as the opposites attract each other, different flowers like lilies and roses make it enchanting.

Best Wishes for Selfless Love and Peace

It is true that love in a real good relationship grows over a period of time. But that needs blessing from relatives and friends as well as nurturing by themselves. Same as these flowers blossom on its plant over a period of time, this marriage may bear fruits of grace. New life of two people in union needs a lot of freshness, fragrance and natural strength. These flowers in Dubai for weddings are for the unconditional love between a man and woman starting their new life. This compassionate expression of love will surely continue in their life here after. True love is seen not in words or feelings but in actual and sincere behavior. Red white flowers stand in 4 feet as gifts by someone to a just married couple shows selfless love and care for them. They need to take it ahead throughout their life together, not the flowers but the beauty and fragrance…… Best Wishes

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