Announce Arrival

AED : 495

  • 4 dozens of fresh flowers (48 numbers) in vase with white and blue combination to grand on a baby boy birth – White Roses and Blue Orchids on Vase
  • Order online one day in advance for free delivery at home or hospital in Dubai.
  • Free printed greeting card with your own message.
  • Customization is possible only on orders made after direct inquiry with us.

Announce Arrival of Baby Boy through Blue White Flowers

Here is something that pleases the proud parents of a just born baby born in Dubai. Blue white flowers are the best choice for a boy throughout his childhood. It is not aiming anything but just the sharing of joy that we use flowers for. At the starting of a wonderful life on this earth, let him start getting the best gifts from nature. White roses about 33 along with 15 blue orchids make the best suitable combination. Wish through this gift is for a happy and hopeful life along with the family. Thus,it is a truthful and real way of conveying best wishes on arrival of a baby boy.

A Gift for Grown Ups Also

This gift of blue white flowers is not only suitable for new born babies and parents, but also for adult male to congratulate or appreciate. Combination of white roses and blue color orchids round arrangement is often a symbol of enthusiasm. Motivate someone by sending an arrangement that perfectly fits the office table. Let him realize the full potential inside, with the note that goes with these flowers. It is sure to evoke a gentle smile on the face of that man who is in some sort of trouble. After all, it is the quality of the energy that decides how it all happens! Send flowers and say a lot using silence. It has not only the color and fragrance but life within. What is better to give than a beautiful life?



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