Shine Bright

AED : 265

  • Assortment of 24 Roses (Pink & White)
  • White Wrapping
  • 60 to 70 cm Height

Roses are the best thing when it comes to refreshing or making someone feel better with their fragrance and display. 25 pink white roses bouquets with white wrapping make a subtle statement of wholesome affection. Make an awesome moment for your favorite person by offering this collection of peaceful blossoms. This bouquet is great for most occasions like congratulations, thanksgiving, etc. It's a flower arrangement that embodies your passion! Make a magnificent presentation to those who are deserving of unending compliments. Grab it today itself from our online shop and deliver it without any extra cost for shipping.

Our exquisite bouquet features an assortment of 25 stunning roses in delicate shades of pink and white. Each rose is carefully selected for its beauty and freshness, creating a captivating display. With a height ranging from 50 to 60 cm, these long-stemmed roses are elegantly wrapped in white packaging, adding an extra touch of elegance to the arrangement. Perfect for expressing love, and appreciation, or celebrating special occasions, this bouquet is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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