Unsung Poetry

AED : 170

  • Orange and white Roses Bouquet
  • Arranged with premium golden wrapping
  • Free delivery from 10AM to 6PM

Fresh and beautifully arranged orange and white roses in an elegant bouquet will surely win your loved ones’ heart. It is an adorable bouquet which shows love, peace and friendship. You can without any doubt, present this bouquet on any occasion be it an anniversary or birthday. Express your love and care for your partner by gifting this bouquet. White roses represent the purity of the heart whereas orange roses are for peace and respect. Order now this beautiful hand bouquet and convey deep sentiments of love to your partner.

Flowers indeed have the power to express one’s deepest feelings for the person they love and care. It can convey the hidden message in your heart which you perhaps may be shy or hesitant to tell in words. Having said that, rose is one flower among others which is associated with love and signifies romance. Each color of rose has its own meaning. White and orange roses are excellent gift to denote friendship. Thus, one can gift a bouquet of these color combinations to someone new, for whom their feelings are still unsure yet they are in love.

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