Starlit Sky

AED : 220

  • 10 purple roses
  • 3 stems white lilies (Sometimes Closed Type)
  • 60 CM to 70 CM Height
  • White wrapping
  • Free Greetings Card (Printed)

Purple White Bouquet of Flowers

3 stems white oriental lilies and 10 purple roses bouquets with off white wrapping, decoration and free delivery in Dubai. Starlit Sky is a gorgeous purple and white bouquet that clears the obstacles and troubles on the way to friendship. Build up mutual care and respect by giving meaningful token of appreciation to maintain healthy relationships. Flowers of love blossoms only with constant and patient nurturing. Let it spread fragrance by making life a beautiful experience. Watch the Youtube video of purple roses and lilies Bouquet and check the quality.

We always value what we love and thus care for it. When an occasion arrives, use online flower delivery shop in Dubai to send this bouquet to your loved one. It may be a birthday or anniversary but the best gift is always just flowers. In times of difficulties or problems you really get to know how strong or weak the relationship is. Acknowledge and accept by sending flowers and thus grow rich in soul.



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