Warmth of Love

AED : 245

Free Delivery of 20 red roses in L shape on a short vase

  • 20 red roses are arranged in shape of curved L
  • Leaves and steel grass makes it even more beautiful.
    Greeting card with you message will be delivered in Dubai, free along these flowers.
    Note: Color of roses can be changed to pink or white as per requirement
    Note: One white rose is added free to red roses if required, either at middle or at one end.
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20 Red Roses Made in 'L' Shape

Shape of ‘L’ is made in style using 20 red roses on top of a short vase. It is for a change and to add some element of innovation that this special style is often selected by sender of flowers Dubai online.  Choose the right person, and go ahead with the decision. Let ‘L’ for Love 20 roses set the beginning of a successful journey of life. 20th rose is kept white purposefully - that is the destiny. It is for just this destiny that all red roses of actions are made. Love is the only act that is fulfilling and rewarding.

Send out vibrations of love to stay always on the path of goodness. It is impossible to change another person but possible for us to remain in our true nature. Unless we let someone destroy our happiness, they can't do it. Another person's action or behavior should not affect our way of functioning. Think of sending 20 red roses in L shape as an expression of a lovable heart. Learn to protect the good nature within you, emitting love and remaining patient even in times of adversities. When we go along with the feelings and preferences of the other person it is sure to be a successful relationship.

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