Best Friend

AED : 239

  • 9 Yellow Roses
  • 10 Stems of Blue Orchids
  • Arrangement in Box with Matching Foliage.
  • Free Delivery between 9 am to 6 pm

“Friends are like different flowers in a bouquet, each one has its own beauty, fragrance and color.”

Same way a combination of yellow roses orchid creates one of the best products of this online flower shop. Keeping friends happy needs some amount of conscious efforts that regularly happen. It does not mean you need to agree or support always, but be helpful and respect the other person. Here you give freedom to one another and enjoy the company of each other. Therefore, be a true good friend to achieve real friendship.

Yellow roses orchid are considered as one of the most suitable flowers to show the depth of friendship. Along with the blue iris it makes an ideal flower gift for your best friend. Yellow color represents joy, white represents loyalty and blue represents vitality. No matter how far you are living, in your absence you can use online flower delivery in Dubai to gift the flowers and show affectionately you still consider and value them. They help to spread a lot of happiness around and thus make an easy and efficient gift that recognizes every occasion. Order now and get free delivery at their address from 10AM to 6PM and maintain a strong bond in the friendship between you two.

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