Flower Basket

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Better Flower Displays with Flower Basket.

In case of flower basket delivery in Dubai, we ensure maximum visibility, making it bigger and better-looking in style. An experienced florist can make a basket arrangement in any design as per the choice of customers. Front-facing, round or straight, and long styles are available to select from. The florist has better liberty to make it stylish and in large size as per the budget of the sender.

Flower Basket with Water Sponge to Live More Days.

Water helps the cut flowers in the basket to live more days. Therefore, the florist arranges them on watered foams fitted inside a willow basket to arrange flowers. This method keeps them alive for many days to make both the sender and recipient happier with the result. If the customer needs any change in the style or size as seen on the website, they can give a special instruction while making an order online.

Color Choices available for Flower Basket Design. 

In case if any change is required in the color of the flowers used in the flower basket, we are open to do it. There is no extra charge to make this modification as per the need, as we understand the requirements very well. Every occasion and each person demands a specific color. Therefore, on a wedding, anniversary, or birthday an impressive flower basket delivery in Dubai deserves the best attention.

 Big, Small, Medium Flower Basket for every Ocassion:

Classification into big, medium or small is for a better understanding of both the sender and florist especially when an order is placed over the phone. Example for a medium basket arrangement: 24 mix color or 25 red flowers with foliage. Made as a medium-sized one in the price range of AED 275/- including delivery anywhere in Dubai. Large Basket: 101 or more red or mixed roses or lilies orchids and other premium flowers appears as a huge one in the price range of AED 700 to 800. Example for small: 15 numbers or lesser mixed seasonal blooms displayed as it looks fascinating in the range of AED 200 to 220 with free delivery. The size can be explained by youtube videos of flower basket which is available for delivery in dubai.

Door Delivery of Customized Flower Baskets in Dubai:

By all means, it is an amazing experience to see natural flowers with a nice display. For sure, it will delight anyone on a fine morning to see them smiling at the doorstep. She or he would surely embrace a nice feeling about the person who sends it especially after reading the message card with the flower basket arrangement. After all, door delivery at Dubai is absolutely free on any selected flower style for individual and corporate customers.