A5- Dozen Roses

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Use of Dozen Roses Magic in Relationships

Dozen roses (12 stems of roses) make a reasonable, medium size of hand bouquet. Thus it is the most common and fast moving gift item for flower delivery in Dubai. Dozen roses with suitable fillers such as gypsophila and green leaves make it presentable on any occasion. Color of flowers can be selected as per the customer’s choice in red, pink, yellow, white, orange etc. They have a magical ability to build, maintain and cure relationships in life.

It is when expectations are achieved that one usually get happy. What if dozen roses are received in totally unexpected situation? Does that not make her happy? Surely it will make her rejoice, because she expected your love. She was aware of your kindness. Time and form was not known, but was sure of such an expression of emotions. When the person whom you love exit from the relationship, it hurts. That heart ache is created out of intense emotion of love. Dozen roses made in to a bouquet helps to heal, assists to bind and supports to pacify.

A temporary solution, a short lived item that is not very expensive often mark the beginning of a long term relationship. 12 red roses ( dozen red roses) understands your heart and speaks for it fluently. Person who accepts it listens and understands your secrets very well. Be in harmony with all the feelings inside the heart, communicate with any means and feel happy.