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Lily Flowers in Dubai & Sharjah 

Lily flowers that belong to Lilium group are available in white, pink, yellow, orange and red colors. Out of these only white (Casablanca) and pink (Stargazer) belong to oriental lilies and they have nice fragrance. Others are Asiatic lilies and they do not have fragrance. Lily is popular as a girl name in many countries. These flowers are being imported from Keynya, Holland and India.With its beautiful appearance and size, white oriental lily represents rebirth, royalty and purity. They also help to express sympathy or condolences. Pink lilies stand for abundance and prosperity. Orange lilies are symbol of pride and confidence. Yellow lilies best express thankfulness.

Lilies are in high demand in Dubai for any occasion, especially wedding to wish a happy union for the couple. They are also in need for flowers as gift on the occasion of birthday, anniversary etc. Many companies keep oriental lilies in reception table as they last longer and give nice fragrance in office. People from all over the world use this website for lily flowers in Dubai as gift on important occasions. Stargazer pink lilies are integral part of any premium flower bouquet. Yellow and orange lilies are best in making get well soon flower arrangements.