Get Well Soon

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Get Well Soon Message:

We believe that flowers help to cure or at least give a relief to the one who is suffering the pain of sickness. Though not a substitute for the medicine it is an excellent aid in creating a positive attitude to life. The realization that there are many people who cares, make him/ her feel better and enable to rejoice. Miraculous recovery is possible with a positive attitude of patient together with care of other human beings. Thus a gift to a patient has a role of helping the healing process. It may be a surprise to the sick person when he see and feel the kind of care and attention from other people around.

Find different types and sizes of flowers for get well soon in this category. Sender can select the right as per his budget. Someone in another country also may send flowers to Dubai. We can add a message of Get Well Soon or sender can select a micro foil balloon printed with this message. Fruit basket may also be added to the gift package as that represents good health and prosperity.

Delivery to Hospital or House:

During an uncomfortable hospital stay, flowers near to the bed give a pleasant feeling to the patient. If a person is not well and is on rest at home, service of this online florist is much useful. We can hand deliver flowers to Dubai Hospital, City Hospital, American Hospital, International Modern Hospital, Canadian Hospital, Belhoul Hospital, Rasheed Hospital or any other. We can find out the right person and ensure that he or the nearest relative receives it. People who really care about other fellow beings understand that flowers are best gift to boost the spirit of a sick person. It surely help him to recover faster from the unpleasant situation.

To Send Fast, Same Day Delivery:

As the patient may stay in hospital only for a few days, faster the flower delivery, better the purpose it serves. We understand this and ensure to deliver fresh get well soon flowers arrangement to the addressee on same day of the order. Write a few words (message for card) that can bring a relief to the recipient. It can light up the hope of coming back to sun shine very soon. Local flower shop is really helpful in same day delivery as they have fastest access to all the locations in Dubai.

Things to Note while sending flowers to a hospital.

1) In case if the patient is in I.C.U, flowers may not be allowed inside. Please inform us about this while ordering flowers. In this case, delivery man can give the greeting card with message inside and keep flowers with a relative outside ICU.
2) Provide full name of the person / patient in the order form. In case if telephone number is not available we can find out the room number from hospital records.
3) Better not to order very big flower arrangements for delivery in hospital room, to avoid inconvenience to the patient. Small or medium size gifts are more suitable to place near the bed and patient can enjoy seeing them.