Golden Sunrise

AED : 200

  • Bouquet of 12 Yellow, Orange, White Roses with Fillers and Wrapping
  • Chocolates Box -200 gms – Ferrero Rocher
  • Free delivery from 10AM to 6PM


A day arrives with sunrise and that is a fresh start for us. It throws many options for us to choose the best. Bouquet of yellow orange and white roses with chocolates offers such an opportunity to send a memorable gift to someone. Count on what we do for self and others before that sun sets. That makes all the difference and forms our life. Just as the sunrise, our delivery is also free for all those that trust us. A few clicks online makes an order and that becomes our responsibility to fulfill. Every day offers new promises and every night brings before the dawn to ensure peace. Similarly, this combination of three colors of roses and chocolates help to spread the message of harmony. This florist in Dubai is prompt in fulfilling promise and thus makes both sender and recipient happy.

Share joy, express care and make the ties of friendship strong with yellow roses. Similarly, energize someone, motivate or stimulate the enthusiasm with orange roses. Add some innocence of white roses and make it an awesome bouquet to inspire a man. This combination of yellow orange white roses and chocolates stands for that strong and sweet bond between two persons. Same as a sunrise appears promising a bright day let the bunch of roses with chocolates help to end struggle and encourage a fresh start. With the company of the right people to share the happiness and sorrows, how amazing is this life. So, enjoy each day’s sunlight and enjoy each petal of beautiful flowers. It does not cost a lot, but just AED191 to send this combo gift packing with attractive presentation and free delivery anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah.

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