29 Roses in Pyramid Shape

AED : 286

Basket of 29 Roses pyramid shape is a classic arrangement available every day at this local flower shop. 29 red roses in willow basket giving perfect shape and added ribbon bow can go straight to the recipient adding a greeting card. Price AED290/- includes delivery and other charges making it one of the best gifts available online.

Stylish Gift of Red Roses Pyramid Shape

29 red roses pyramid shape is a stylish basket arrangement for flower delivery in Dubai. It has a total height of 60 to 70 CM as per availability. If a customer has some special preferences on requirements about the height or number of roses, it is surely possible to make alterations at extra cost. Keep doing it better is our style of perfecting in the field of flowers as a gift. Thus, act on your intention or desire through this delicate method and win the heart. When you open the heart, hands also automatically open to give the best of roses. If you do this, it is pure love and that is forever, though these flowers last only a few days.

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