Something Simple


AED : 220 AED : 158

Free Delivery of Something Simple Bouquet of Lilies

7 Stems of white oriental lilies, with multiple blooms are wrapped together with gypsophila and green fillers. Stems are inserted in to watered sponge to keep them fresh when delivered. Receiver can remove them from bouquet and put in a vase to see them live for several days.

White Lilies Bouquet

Something Simple as white lilies bouquet made available by D.F.D Express in Dubai. You can order online from any place in the world to send this as a gift. The specialty of oriental lilies is the fragrance that lasts for many days. Bouquet can loosened when received and put into a long glass vase to see the flowers get fully opened. Each stem of oriental lilies has 3-4 blooms. Let us express our gratitude to the person who lighted the flame within by sending a bouquet of while oriental lilies.

Oriental lilies are available in white and pink colors. It arranged as hand bouquet mixing with gypsophila fillers. Alternatively, these delivered in a glass vase with water in any event. These can be kept at reception table of any office in Dubai, changing it on a weekly basis. It spreads fragrance in office and contributes to the natural surroundings as long as it can. If a customer needs a mix of pink and white oriental lilies in equal number, we do that way. In reality, there are people who send white lilies bouquet every week to someone to feel the bliss of giving.

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