Whom You Can Contact to Send Flowers Dubai?

Shop Address:  Abdul Aziz Majid Building, Shop No:8, UAE


00971 504236374 - 0097143420250
email: support@realflowers.ae

Call 00971504236374 or 0097143420250 between 07 AM - 10 PM (U.A.E Time)
Whatsapp to 00971 504708371 anytime.

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Customer may use our easy online shopping system or personally contact to send flowers Dubai directly by phone. We ensure that our professional and experienced staff is standing by ready to assist you in any way they can. We will help you submit your order online and answer any questions regarding the item, date and time, address, or status of delivery. Any customer, first time or regular, can contact us between 7 am and 10 pm U.A.E time. Also, let us know if there are any special instructions or detailing required about style, size or color of the arrangement. When you decide to order online flower delivery in Dubai or Sharjah using this website we know that you are sending a personally chosen representation of a special emotion. Each customer is very important to us and we guarantee to deliver the item through our own experienced team.

Before or During an Order:

Unless there is a special or additional requirement, you can choose any item from the categories, fill the details and send it online. If there is any issue of availability, or problem in the message or address, our staff will contact you to clarify the issue. However, if you need any assistance  at any stage, we are available any time during our working hours. On urgent requirements, it is always better contact to send flowers Dubai, before submitting a request online. Same person who  attend the phone will assist making an order and ensure it's prompt execution.

After placing an order:

Sender may contact us after placing an order, through an email or telephone call to confirm it. In order to postpone the date of delivery, to change the address, to change an item, or to discuss any matter about the time of delivery, sender can contact us through email along with the order number. This would enable our team to take out the required information from the records and reply soon.

After Completing Delivery:

We promise to inform you regarding the status of delivery by email or text message. Normally the recipient upon receiving a gift also may immediately inform the sender just to express the gratitude. If the sender has any question about delivery, for example; was the recipient available to receive it, always contact our customer service and get quick reply on the matter.