Wellness Initiatives

AED : 260

The combination of 3 stems of white oriental lilies and 9 orange roses with 1 heliconia arranged properly for an office table. Placed in a clear vase with red tone and rich fillers that last for several days is really attention getting. Free spot delivery ensured anywhere in Dubai is offered by DFD. Enquire for better prices for weekly delivery. Payment can be collect at the end of the month from office by presenting the collective invoice.

Welcoming people or situations as it is

Transformation of office space or improvement in health of a person may often need some natural flowers. What is miraculous about fresh flowers is a matter to experience rather than discuss. They can easily erase pain and bring back smiles using inborn positive energy. Loving kindness and sweet memories replace the negative feelings. It teaches the polite ways of treating, accepting and welcoming people or situations as it is. This is how good qualities grow like plants with careful nurturing at the right time. White lilies orange roses with heliconia is such a humble attempt by a shop for flower delivery in Dubai without delay.

Decorating office spaces with flowers will give a fresh environment by removing all the stress and negativities. Thus flowers can improve productivity in a workplace. Keeping flower stands at the entrance will create a good impression on others. It can change the mood very easily and provides a positive impact. Small flower vases on the middle of the table will give more energy during discussions and further official things. Our experienced florist in Dubai uses freshly hand picked flowers for different arrangements ideal for particular occasions. Order now your favorite flower arrangements and get free delivery anywhere in Dubai.

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