Winter Wishes

AED : 250

Winter Wishes consists of total 24 flowers – 12 red roses and 12 white carnations set on a vase with green fillers.  Ribbon bow is added to the vase to make it more attractive as a present. Write  a suitable message and D.F.D will deliver it along with these flowers. Just remember to order one day in advance to send this to your loving friend in Dubai.

An attempt to express care and love

Winter Wishes is a right combination of roses carnations in red and white colors. Two dozens of these bright flowers are set in a vase to be delivered anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah as per online order. It is not an urge to draw attention or to show superiority that you send flowers but just an attempt to express love and care. Man of substance is already superior and thus does not need the help of words or gestures. You may feel that your world is complete when you are deeply in love with someone. Roses carnations, teach you not to dream of a dramatic life but look at realistic ways of loving each other.

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