10 Orange Roses Bouquet

AED : 128

  • 10 Orange Roses Flat Bouquet with Suitable Fillers and Off White Wrapping
  • Free Delivery in Dubai and Sharjah from 10AM to 6PM
  • Include a message on greeting card


Do you wish your husband may encounter something beautiful and encouraging on his birthday morning? A bouquet of 10 orange roses with simple wrapping is classy and motivating. He may share the excitement upon receiving this bouquet on total surprise. Such constant reminders of friendliness and togetherness are essential in relationship, especially that of marriage. Do not take things for granted is surely an advise for everyone in the path of love in life. It is essential to maintain closeness as well as enough distance. So, just say bye when he leave from home and say “happy birthday” through flowers is one of best ways to surprise him or her.

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