Fortunate-50 Roses Wood Box

AED : 595

50 Red Roses in Wooden Box.

50 upper class red roses are arranged in a premium wood box in silver color. Flowers stems are inserted in to watered sponge inside the box to keep it fresh for days. It will be a big surprise for recipient to see the smiling roses inside a box as it is never imagined.

50 Roses Wood Box Premium Gift for Delivery

Red roses flat arrangement in premium wood box with just the heads appearing while opening makes it a unique present. Beautiful petals of red roses smile on the recipient gladly. Few drops of water on these petals will shine like diamonds. a 50 roses wood box is to open the lid and show genuineness inside. It shows humility and thus attracts love of the other person. Therefore, practice virtues in this short life and just open the box of life to share the qualities. Send roses as it expresses the way when reaching the recipient.



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