Vibrant Mix

AED : 390

  • 40 roses in yellow, orange, peach and white colors as a bouquet with off white wrapping.
  • Free delivery in Dubai and Sharjah from 10AM to 6PM


Vibrant Mix bouquet consists of 36 roses in four different colors, matching to make a bright present. Give a get well soon wish or birthday wish in a colorful manner and thus make the recipient rejoice.

One glance at this vibrant flower brunch is enough for someone to fall in love with you! Creating a good impression comes at a beautiful price as this bouquet. Affordably priced, our ‘Vibrant Mix’ gift can be delivered for free to any location in Sharjah or Dubai, wherever you want it to be sent. The colorful flowers will certainly light up your beloved’s face and mood. Don’t you want to enjoy that look on their face? If you are not able to deliver it directly, still, that person would surely love the idea of you sending them a mixed flower bouquet in Dubai.

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