Hygrangea Honor

AED : 250

  • Hydrange – 6 in one vase – Green, White, Blue
  • Suitable leaves and bow to make it an impressive present.
  • No extra delivery charges from 10Am to 6PM


6 hydrangeas of three colors in a vase is good enough to impress and convey emotions to someone. It stands for prosperity and helps to wish good luck in an effective way. Hydrangeas are proper flowers to seek apology. There is a belief that an emperor presented hydrangea to a maiden as a token of apology for ignoring her due to her busy schedule. These are the best flowers to make big, round arrangements and center table pieces. Pink, white, blue, purple and green are the colors available in Hydrangea flower bouquets.

When you send a Hydrangea as gift on a wedding that is to wish the couple happiness in unity, the same as the petals stay so close. This flower stands for perseverance and thus a perfect gift to someone achieving better heights in life. White hydrangea is considered to be one of the best symbols of tolerance, and thus to convey complete acceptance of any situation. Light pink hydrangea is a perfect gift for a woman expecting a baby, to make her cheerful. It is also a perfect mother’s day gift across the world. If you wish to send flowers to your mother as a token of love, respect and gratitude think of pink hydrangea.


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