Glance of Grace

AED : 363

  • 1 long stem cymbidium – white with pink shade
  • 10 red tulips
  • 10 roses in pink and white
  • 2 stems oriental lilies
  • Vase with added ribbon bow
  • Free delivery anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah with greeting card

Orchids tulips roses lilies here makes the best combination of colors

Discover the way of peace and compassion in this journey called life. As love and peace cannot be visible, let us use this beautiful creation for expression. Let us communicate to each other that there is only one truth for mankind that is LOVE. orchids tulips roses lilies form a wonderful combination in multiple colors. The sender as well as receiver would be amazed by its beauty. If another creation of this earth itself can be used as a gift by man, there would be nothing better to choose. Nothing made by man would be equal to this present. Go for Glance of Grace and get the peace around you by sending flowers to Dubai.

Happiness forever can be ensured only by turning inward, as unaffected by external happenings. Getting from someone or something just gives temporary pleasures. But giving even kind words and small deeds will bring a permanent glance of grace. For major types of flowers - Orchids tulips roses lilies here makes the best combination of colors and natural beauty. Giving flowers and happiness is a form of arrangement with God. When we give natural flowers as gifts, the supreme power rejoices and blesses us with more happiness in life.


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