Refreshing Gift

AED : 279

  • Money plant grown in a pot
  • Patchi chocolates x1 Box(250gms)
  • Grey colour round pot
  • Free delivery from 10AM to 6PM

Tip and Care

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Can be used as an indoor decoration
  • Pour water twice a week

Money plants are commonly used to remove all the toxic particles from air and make surroundings fresh. It is also used as internal decorations in houses and offices. Placing a plant in the office spaces will help in reducing stress and increase productivity at the workplace. Our florist created this wonderful combo of money plant and chocolates to be given to your nature lover relatives or friends on their special day. As the plants live for a long time and the memory will remain forever. Keeping one plant near each computer or Wi-Fi router will reduce radiations in the house or office. Send this plants to your dear ones to remove all the negativities and wish them good things to happen in their daily life. Get your gift delivered for free from 10AM to 6PM anywhere in Dubai.

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