White Calla Lilies 10 Stems

AED : 250

10 stems white calla lilies are paired together with lush green leaves in a glass vase to create a beautiful floral attraction. This can be delivered free anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah on any day.

Please call us before making the order (To confirm the availability)

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This arrangement of 10 white calla lilies is chic and speaks of sophistication yet exhibits an aura of peace and tranquility. Suitable glass vase carries off the elegant decoration to perfection. Our simple floral designs are used as gifts that will leave your recipients in awe of your pick. They are meant to strengthen your relationships in a way only flowers can. White calla lilies are rare flowers but always available in Dubai. Above all, the flowers are sourced from Holland and Kenya on a daily basis.

Calla Lilies on Anniversary:

Something rare on this anniversary, not at all expected may be the reason to select white calla lilies. This amazing relationship called marriage has brought a lot of changes on lives. Both sender and receiver say “Thank You for all what you have done for me” . It will be the message from husband to wife and vice versa through these flowers delivered at the doorstep. “My love for you is unconditionally the same as these calla lilies” is best expressed with this gift on the anniversary day.

White Calla Lilies as Get Well Soon Gift:

Just because he is really special, soft and strong this bunch of rare flowers is required to wish him to get well soon. White is for good faith and calla lilies for his ability to bounce back by the grace of God. Compassion is best conveyed through white calla lilies same as a dove is peace. Moreover, he needs your kind words at this time to overcome fear or weakness.

Apologize Sincerely:

An apology may be a turning point or make a positive shift in attitude. Do that boldly using white calla lily flowers in Dubai. Even if it is not really your mistake and just an act of God, better someone open up the closed way. It requires courage to accept the mistake or to take it on your own shoulder. In view of correcting the mistake and going ahead is often required in our day to day life. Sending calla lilies as a gift is equal to accepting and learning from the mistake.

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